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Sensory silk pillowcase & mask set
  • Sensory silk pillowcase & mask set


    Immerse yourself in your best night’s sleep ever thanks to our combination of pure silk pillowcase and our aromatherapy scented self-heating eye masks.

    Made from the highest quality 22 momme Mulberry silk to care for your skin and hair, the Sensory Silk Pillowcase has been designed to deliver your most luxurious sleep ever.  

    Our pure silk pillowcase is incredibly gentle on the skin thanks to the extreme softness of the Mulberry silk. We’ve sourced only the finest and most exquisite silk.  

    Softer and more luxurious than cotton, Mulberry silk will help reduce fine lines and sleep creases on your face, and also prevent frizzy, "bed head” hair thanks to its smooth, delicate surface.  

    Designed to help you continue your sensory spa journey at home, our sumptuous Sensory Silk Pillowcase will connect to your sense of touch. Beautifully silky and smooth, this pillowcase will create the most wonderful bedtime routine you can enjoy night after night.  

    Partnered with our self-heating eye masks and free meditation tracks, this wonderful silk pillowcase will offer you your best night’s sleep and relaxing experience. The softness of the silk and the gentle heat of our masks will reduce tired-looking skin and eyes, helping you wake up feeling well-rested and fresh.  


    Fact! We spend a third of our lives in bed. So doesn’t it make sense to treat your skin to the most sumptuous and indulgent sleep experience possible?  

    Silk fibres may help reduce stretching and friction of delicate skin which can lead to facial lines and wrinkles. Enjoy an anti-ageing beauty sleep and awake looking and feeling more refreshed. 

    Say goodnight and goodbye to “sleep-crease” face. Banish overnight sleep creases that can take hours to “iron out”! Sleeping on silk reduces the pressure and friction that can lead to tell-tale creases making you look older than your years. 

    Forget me knots and bed-head hair. Tired of waking up looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge? That’s because regular pillowcases can lead to tangled, frizzy and damaged hair while you sleep. So kiss goodnight to bed-head hair and hello to silky soft hair.  

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