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The largest living organ of the body should not get overlooked!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

If you managed to guess from the title what I'm talking about in this blog then well done you!

If you have not then guess again. We have 2 squared foot of it and it is the vital organ to keep our insides in... that's right SKIN!

A known passion of mine. I do not just love to provide great skin care knowledge, treatments, tips and products. I passionately journey through skin complaints with clients and help read the skins tell tale signs of other environmental factors that assault our skin, or internal factors that like showing us their responses through the skin. Not all skins are a like and it can be unpredictable, possibly why i take such interest as it can keep on teaching me throughout my career. Respectably i can often be asked by customers for any knowledge and advice on skin subjects. It has been a career ambition to receive this status. Many people first try to resolve their skin complaints by turning to G.P advise over 'beauty therapists' through thought of status. The ongoing power of my International Dermal institute education has kept me in knowledgeable success of my importance of skin care advising. Turning the title beauty therapist into skin therapist. I know my limitations and i have studied and worked with dermatologists and g,ps where it is appropriate. For me bursting the astigmatism that goes with my career is hopefully duly noted in my work.

This year i have been proud to gain an accreditation towards a new scheme that has been introduced to my industry and like minded service industries. The Accreditation has been set up by Skcin a national melanoma and skin cancer charity. Its aim is to provide knowledge and confidence for therapists to talk, provide information and refer on the important skin signs of early detection for a wide range of different skin cancers. A subject that i have covered in depth in the past through training, and a subject very close to heart with me through clients and friends experiences and journeys with skin cancer.

Skin cancer is overlooked all too often but this cancer has risen the fastest among Britons than any other common cancer over the past 25 years. A massive 86% of melanoma cases are preventable. If you are not savvy on skin cancer than this is a must read for some quick facts, plus i urge you to follow my social media where i love to post skin facts, or engage me in a conversation at your next appointment. You may feel its a waste of professionals time, not worth an appointment by itself but no matter how big or small there is never a time to ignore a change in skin and never someone you couldn't simply ask.

Now for Some facts on skin!

* Your skin accounts for 16% of your body weight.

* Your skin sheds over 30,000 dead cells EVERY minute, (9lbs per year!)

* The average adult skin weighs 20 pounds.

* It contains 11 miles of blood vessels ( twice the height of mount everest.)

* Skin cancer can effect someone at any age, gender or race.

* There are persons at greater risk, but that does not mean you are immune.

* Skin cancer is uv induced but uv cannot been seen, felt or related to temperature.

* Sunbeds are NOT safe. FACT! They give out the same uv rays as the sun but at a greater intensity. A dramantic rise in skin cancer among 15-34 year olds is linked with sunbed use.

* Using a sunbed once a month can double your risk of skin cancer

*Regular use of a sunbed under the ge of 35 increases the risk by 87%!

* A common misconception is that sunbeds can prepare the skin for a holiday tan or clear acne. It wont! It will increase the damage and risk.

* Over exposure to uv will cause premature ageing, sagging, wrinkling and pigmentation.

* Over 130,000 new cases of non melanoma cases are diagnosed each year in the


* In the last year deadly melanoma cases have increased by almost half. 45%. 2014 saw 15,400 new cases, thats 42 new cases per day.

You only have one skin so Love the skin your In!


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