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RS Signature treatment 

Rs Signature treatment: 2 hours

Pro45 skincare treatment

30 Minute back massage


Relaxation station is 15 years old this year. My business has evolved with me through this time and seen many changes. To date my most popular and treatments I certainly enjoy to do, are skin care, massage and reflexology. So for a 15 year anniversary celebration it made perfect sense to partner them all together for an ultimate signature treatment service.

All my Skincare treatments include face mapping which can help pinpoint internal changes that may need addressing. Reflexology is used to help re balance this and support overall health therefore this works wonderfully well together. With the heavy stresses of modern life our back, necks and posture certainly takes some strain, including a back massage was the perfect partner to add to produce a power trio of treatments. Posture effects our internal organs as much as the postural pain we may feel. I hope you agree that this signature treatment will let me share with you the knowledge and therapist power I have harnessed through my career.

Looking after my clients from the outside in , physically and mentally is definitely a rewarding part of my service to you.

I am certainly looking forward to performing some of these and to see you experience what I think is an ultimate appointment of health and wellness.

For a limited time I will honour an introductory price for my signature treatment if you mention this blog code: BLOG HEALTH



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