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New Massage treatments

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Lava shells are not just for winter!

The warming Lava shells are sustain-ably sourced naturally from the sea and are fantastic for delivering heat into the muscles for a deeper massage treatment. Ideal for those with tight tension and even those that cannot take strong manipulation work. I have been using Lava shells for some years now. Incorporating shells and hands on massage to bring a new relaxation experience to the treatment room, whilst assisting the deep work my hands take on.

I now bring two new treatments to the service menu for you. Introducing the cool Cowie shell into both new massage treatments.

The Tropical twist massage is an hour long full body treatment using both warm and cool shells, lots of coconut based massage cream and a summer vibe soundtrack to escape with. Whether you have had a holiday, have one booked or simply want to embrace that summer holiday feeling. This is an ideal escapism. The treatment room boosts many visualisations for your holiday escape... a serene wall image, shells dotted around and even its own built in tropical fish tank residents...oh and far cheaper than the real thing!

Leg rescue massage. Ideal for tired, aching legs, if you are need of aiding lymphatic flow, cellulite reduction or help tone those thighs and butt-ox this is the ideal treatment for you. Get confident to get those legs on display and feel light and energised. 30 minutes to invigorate, reward and respect the under focused body part!

The cool Cowie shell is adapted to suit each individual in the level of cool-ness that is required. You may shudder at the thought of cool massage, but surprisingly, if applied well, it can make a huge difference to the way you feel after your massage. Think of the athletes that use ice for muscle ache and strains, the physiological effects of using cool are great:

* Reduces inflammation- reduces the effect of histamine in the body

*Vasoconstriction- constricting blood vessels to act like a pump to assist blood flow.

*Induce anaesthesia - to reduce the pain within a muscle

* Decreases muscle spasm casing them to relax

* Increase lymphatic flow and toxin elimination

* Increases muscle flexibility and range of movement

* Assists fresh oxygen is delivered to the muscles

* Improves cellulite appearance and muscle tone

With all treatments a pre consultation will ensure treatment suitability and allows us to personalise or adapt your treatment service as required.


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