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Dermalogica brand ambassador

2019 was an eventful business year for me. I have been a passionate Dermalogica fan and therapist for 17 years now. If you have read any of my other blogs you will have felt the passion oozing from my screen for Dermalogica. Naturally I was so excited to be asked to be a part of the new brand ambassador programme. I was nominated by my rep that visits regularly and chosen from a host of fantastic nominees. My passion was recognised but mostly the importance of my ideas, feedback and motivation to continually evolve my business.

Being an ambassador for Dermalogica gives the therapists I meet an opportunity to discuss ideas and approach me on related topics. Having a huge tribe of therapists and a strong social network gives us all the power among us to support one another.

I am enjoying being informed of up coming plans and given the opportunity to put my ideas and comments to the hq board. Woking alongside the brands developments and keeping the therapists, that have helped for years to mould the vision of its creator, Jane Wurwand, stay strong within the professional industry. My career has been shaped by the incredible International Dermal Institute training team. The skin care therapist in me has evolved , letting me shed the title beauty therapist at long last!! I feel i have a lot to give back to the industry and would like to play a part in its journey. I was asked to be part of the ambassador panel at this years first UK event, Dermalogica Island. Taking part in this has helped motivate me into another business venture I had in the planning. I am hoping for more to evolve next year as my many project plans un ravel . My clients were so proud to hear of my new status and love to keep up with the goings on for the latest news.

Thank you to Dermalogica for acknowledging me and the other amazing therapists that have been harvested in our industry, pushing our educational knowledge through our career and passionate work streams.


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